When Results Matter

A Michigan sex crime conviction can carry serious consequences which may include prison time and registration as a sex offender.  Our track record of aggressive defense shows that we have helped numerous clients avoid incarceration and registration.

Lawyers that Other Lawyers Trust

Most of our referrals are from other lawyers who know our reputation and success. Sometimes we act as co-counsel with other attorneys who need help on their sex cases. Additionally, Gail Benson provides consulting services to other lawyers on a case-by-case basis.        

Experience with the Top Experts

We have spent years developing relationships with the top experts in forensic interviewing, child psychology & development, memory and suggestibility, parental alienation syndrome and sex offender evaluation & counseling.  

We Know the System

Most of the time, investigations of sex crimes involve the police, Child Protective Services and forensic interviewing facilities (like Carehouse, Kids Talk and Child Assessment Centers).  We have extensive experience and understand how to obtain all of the relevant information to your case that other lawyers may overlook.

Michigan Criminal Sexual Conduct

The Law Offices of Shannon M. Smith

The Law Offices of Shannon M. Smith represents clients accused of criminal sexual conduct.  The firm focuses its practice on Michigan sex crimes, including charges of criminal sexual conduct, molestation, statutory rape and sexual abuse.  Shannon Smith works with Gail Benson who is “of counsel” to the firm.  Gail Benson has over 35 years of experience and has focused the majority of her career defending sex crimes.

We are not a general practice firm.  We focus on criminal sexual conduct, which helps us achieve better results for our clients.

Criminal sexual conduct cases are charged depending on the age of the alleged victim and whether the allegation includes touching or penetration.  These cases carry harsh penalties, including long prison sentences and registration on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry.  Our firm has been successful by having cases dismissed prior to trial and sometimes before the charges were brought.  We have also been able to negotiate favorable plea bargains for clients that avoided incarceration and registration as a sex offender.  Ultimately, we strive to be the best trial attorneys when it comes to defending criminal sexual conduct cases and have had numerous victories achieved through motions and trials.  We also represent clients looking to appeal convictions for Michigan sex crimes.

Shannon Smith and Gail Benson have successfully represented teachers, juveniles, adults and professionals accused of criminal sexual conduct.  The firm has extensive knowledge regarding the psychological studies and scientific research that win, specifically when a child makes the allegations. We have close relationships with the top experts in the field, including experts who may testify regarding issues with child memory, suggestive interviewing techniques, the forensic interview protocol and other aspects that frequently lead to false allegations by children.  We also have extensive experience working with Child Protective Services, police and the Courts on behalf of clients accused of criminal sexual conduct.  We are able to handle all of the criminal, juvenile and family court aspects to your case.